Artist Statement

Human existence consists of rapid cultural evolution, continuous technological advances, and blurring of what once were easily definable boundaries. I am a product of and currently exist in this continually evolving landscape; therefore, a diverse and complex range of sources informs my art. The majority of these sources emanate from life experiences, popular culture, and interests such as politics, science, and technology. As a result, my work has become hyper-saturated with layers of complexity to combine all that fascinates me into one singular experience.

Visually my work is surreal. I use contradiction to instill feelings of repulsion and attraction, ugliness and beauty while enticing the viewer to cautiously approach and reluctantly interact. My work invites a multitude of approaches, particularly with discovery and playfulness as important components of both my process and the viewer’s experience of the work. Construction, craft, and technique are central to my process, and I invite viewers to explore the relationships between fine art and commercial precision.

As an artist primarily concerned with hybridization, my relationship to the various media I use must be careful yet unconstrained. In this way, voluptuous saccharine pink rubber, computer hardware, and 20,000 preserved blue bottle flies have become the surface of some of my explorations. Underlying that facade, the true medium is hybridization itself, and that is the binding principle and fundamental medium to which I adhere.